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Most people take everyday glass for granted, a commodity we literally see right through.
But what if glass were SMART?
What if we could make it behave as desired?
Becoming opaque in an instant to provide privacy on demand.
Or gradually darkening or lightening with the arc of the sun.
Or generating heat and blocking glare for comfort throughout the day?

What if we could automate these properties or trigger them with voice commands?
This would be a revolution in electronic glass. This would be truly Innovative.

This is eGlass®.


Can openness and privacy co-exist in a single space or environment?
Can glass be see-through one moment, then completely opaque on demand?
According to the common laws of physics, no.
But Innovative Glass solutions that are anything but common, and glass must adapt and change as our technologies dictate.

Experience electronically switchable LC Privacy Glass.
It’s transparent when you need it to be, then instantly frosted for privacy — and all at the touch of a wall switch, remote control or an authorized voice command.

Can glass do all this and more? It can when it’s eGlass®.


Light is a fickle thing.
Too much of it can be glaring, blinding and even uncomfortable.
Not enough can be equally limiting.
Yet, healthy, abundant, natural daylight improves mood, boosts productivity and
reduces energy consumption. Must we accept the good with the bad, or resort to blinds or curtains?

What if glass walls could balance the light in any room or environment on their own?

Imagine having glass that you can control. Or glass that senses bright light & sun, and automatically adapts to the environment. Glass that gradually tints and darkens, and controls the natural light to perfection without needing view-blocking window treatments.

Can glass do all this and more? It can when it’s eGlass®.


Imagine glass so smart it can regulate ambient temperature within a room.
As the hot summer sun heats the glass outside, it tints on its own to limit the solar energy passing through it — cooling the temperature inside the room without needing curtains or shades.

Or, maybe you need glass engineered with the power to generate heat, for businesses and homes in colder climates.  This allows open views to the outside world but protects against the chill.

Cooling in the summer. Heating in the winter. A solution for whatever you need.

Can glass do all this and more? It can when it’s eGlass®.


Imagine a perfectly open and transparent wall or room that can change into a smart room.

Instantly create an immersive experience for multimedia presentations.
That’s the power, beauty and versatility of eGlass.

Project videos and presentations onto glass walls that suddenly become opaque. Transform retail display windows to project multimedia promotions. Once-transparent glass can also become an erasable whiteboard surface.

Think about the productivity, creativity and usage flexibility such functionality would instantly deliver. The potential is as limitless as your needs or imagination.

Can glass do all this and more? It can when it’s eGlass®.


Awareness and the need for security has never been greater.

And when it comes to security, no-one expects glass to be a solution. However, nothing can be further from the truth!

Innovative Glass offers a full line of Security Glazing products and solutions that reinforce structures and protect human life from harm. This includes Safety Laminated glass, Tempered glass, Ballistic Rated Glass, Detention Glass, and Signals Defense glass that prevent eavesdropping! These products can be combined in a variety of ways to give an unprecedented level of security to Schools, Businesses, Financial & Government offices.

Making buildings stronger, safer and more secure.

Can glass do all this and more? It can when it’s eGlass®.




“Dynamic eGlass® replaces the need for traditional fabric curtains with a state-of-the-art, maintenance-free solution, thereby eliminating the environment for germs to accumulate. Switchable LC Privacy Glass can be cleaned like ordinary glass; with a paper towel & antibacterial solution.” – DR. NEIL HALPERN, Memorial Sloan Kettering

“Recent studies found that hospital curtains which hang between patient room can become contaminated with drug-resistant bacteria & may be playing a role in the spread of these germs. Although curtains may not appear dirty, they can harbor pathogens.” – DR. MICHAEL JONES, St. Vincents





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