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Effective specification in architecture is as much about problem-solving as it is about design aesthetic. But when a material selection or innovative option is versatile enough to cover a client’s needs, design preference and building code; EVERYONE WINS.

Whether it’s helping you specify a unique design approach early on, or overcoming challenges that clients may pose regarding Privacy, Light Control, or Heat Control along the way, Innovative Glass proposes unique and unexpected CSI-formatted specifications that ensure ideal performance, energy efficiency, dependable function, and distinctive value.

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How to Buy — For Architects & Designers

Whether you’re a commercial or residential Architect or Designer, our sales team will help you specify the right eGlass product for your project. Once we have consulted with you, you will know precisely what to put into your specifications.

After the project gets specified using one of our eGlass products, it will normally go through conventional construction bidding. This process may differ, depending on whether it’s for a commercial and residential project.


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