Arts and Entertainment

Utilized in various artistic and theatrical installations around the country,  with eGlass®  have been implemented in creative ways throughout the field of arts and entertainment.

  • Direct attention, add interest or enhance viewer experiences on demand
  • Transform smart glass from transparent to opaque to engage as well as protect
  • Control light, heat and climate to safeguard artwork of priceless value
  • Extend the life of irreplaceable historical documents and artifacts
  • Protect exhibits from the ravages of overexposure to UV sunlight

Our solutions have also been used as part of live or automated interactive shows, or to maximize the impact of museum exhibits, as we’ve done in such places as The Brooklyn Museum in New York, The Denver Museum in Colorado or in Epcot® Center in Walt Disney World®. At Innovative Glass, it never ceases to surprise us how our customers deploy smart glass technology in such innovative, artistic and impactful ways.