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Smart Glass for UV Protection, Stage Sets, and More


Utilized in various artistic and theatrical installations around the country, eGlass®  has been implemented in creative ways throughout the field of arts and entertainment.

  • Direct attention, add interest, or enhance viewer experiences on demand
  • Transform smart glass from transparent to opaque to engage as well as protect
  • Control light, heat and climate to safeguard valuable artwork
  • Extend the life of irreplaceable historical documents and artifacts
  • Protect exhibits from the ravages of UV rays from sunlight exposure

Our solutions have also been used as part of live or automated interactive shows, or to maximize the impact of museum exhibits, as we’ve done in such places as The Brooklyn Museum in New York, The Denver Museum in Colorado or in Epcot® Center in Walt Disney World®.

Control light, heat, and UV rays to protect valuable artwork, signage, and displays. Maximize the impact with Innovative Glass smart technologies.

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How to Buy For Arts & Entertainment

If you are working with an Architect and/or a General Contractor it is always best to contact an Innovative sales team member early in the process. This can help avoid oversights and costly errors down the road. This will also help to ensure that the products you are selecting fit with your design intent and are feasible with the rest of the construction.

Once the right eGlass product has been determined, it’s time to decide how to have it supplied and installed. With Arts & Entertainment projects this can vary depending on whether we’re providing just the glass — or a complete framing system from one of our many preferred vendors.

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