LC Privacy Glass Product Breakdown

integrating technology with large-scale glass partitions From offices to retail spaces, it can be tough to decide whether private or public partitions would be the most beneficial. But Innovative Glass Corp offers a third option — LC Privacy Glass. The transparent glass system instantly switches to opaque with just a click, giving you flexibility in …

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Clear to Opaque at the Touch of a Button

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Electrically-activated, switchable glazing A company called Innovative Glass has brought us this amazing technology which has put the usage of blinds or curtains in jeopardy. They are promoting their glass product which can switch between private and transparent with just the touch of a button. This product is called LC Privacy Glass and it features …

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High Performance Glass

privacy glass for schools

Self-tinting SolarSmart darkens in response to sunlight Self-tinting SolarSmart Glass darkens in response to sunlight to keep interiors cooler, and lowering energy usage and costs. The brighter the sunlight, the darker the glass will tint. SolarSmart is 100% solar-activated, requiring no outside power source, wires, or user involvement. Architects Newspaper

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Product Guide for Architectural Products

Innovative Glasss electronic glass offering switches from clear to frosted at the flip of a switch, or by remote or app-controlled home automation system, creating privacy in applications such as bathrooms and exterior glazing. The glass is custom produced to specification and available as panels or finished framed windows, doors and skylights. Azure Magazine

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Laminated Privacy Glass is Switchable

Electrified film is embedded within the glass Liquid Crystal Switchable Privacy Glass from Innovative Glass Corp is laminated glass that has an electrified film embedded within the glass. It can be switched from transparent to frosted white with the flip of a switch. In the unpowered, default state, the glass is completely obscure, providing 100% …

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Smart Glass Maximizes Energy Savings

Significantly cut cooling and lighting costs SolarSmart is a heat-blocking, self-tinting smart glass that darkens in response to the sun to keep interiors cool and comfortable. The brighter the sun, the darker the glass will tint — providing occupants with continuous heat and UV blocking throughout the day. Since SolarSmart is solar-activated, it requires no …

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Solutions on Our Radar

Privacy issues in hospitals LC Privacy Glass addresses visual and audible privacy issues in hospitals. The electronic glass can be switched from transparent to private with the touch of a button for controlled visibility and privacy. It eliminates the need for fabric curtains, offering an easy maintenance solution for patient privacy. Health Facilities Management

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eGlass Design News

eGlass windows turn opaque Farewell blinds, it’s time to embrace the future and dress bathrooms in Nothing At All! No need to be coy, though, as eGlass windows turn opaque at the touch of a button, retaining light and providing privacy in modesty mode. Living Etc Magazine-UK

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Product Showcase – Windows and Doors

Article From Window & Door Magazine

Article From Window & Door Magazine LC Privacy Glass can be provided as completely glazed and pre-wired units in customized sizes, shapes, and finishes, with wood, aluminum, aluminum clad and 100% vinyl frames. The glass can be selectively and independently controlled within the same window. It has four modes: in Full View, the glass is …

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Dynamic Glass Smart Partition

LC Privacy Glass in an accordion Skyfold wall system Innovative Glass Corp’s LC Privacy Glass can be outfitted in an accordion wall system by Skyfold. The combination of eGlass and these partitions adds a new level of versatility to multipurpose areas, as the retractable partitions can enable spaces to be used in different configurations. This …

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