Patient Privacy

LC Privacy Glass helps reduce the spread of germs LC Privacy Glass addresses many issues in the healthcare environment, from visual privacy to audible privacy, and preservation of patient dignity. LC Privacy Glass helps reduce the spread of germs and infectious diseases, and is maintenance-free unlike traditional fabric curtain dividers. Initial upfront costs will be …

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Solar Activated Tinting Glass

Glass automatically darkens in sunlight SolarSmart is a self-tinting glass that automatically darkens in the presence of direct sunlight to block heat, glare and ultraviolet light. The dynamic glass is 100 percent solar activated, powered and controlled, requiring no wires, electronics, external power or user involvement, which simplifies installation, and maximizes potential energy savings. Buildings …

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AIA Product Fair

Window and Skylight offerings at AIA Product Fair Innovative Glass will be showing its latest Window and Skylight offerings featuring LC Privacy Glass at the AIA Product Fair.

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