CoolVu Transitional Window Film

COOLVU “SMART”, SUNLIGHT-ADAPTIVE WINDOW FILM CoolVu Self-Tinting Window Film automatically darkens when exposed to sunlight and returns to a lighter state when not. CoolVu blocks UV rays, and helps eliminate sun glare and heat gain. Stop the heat, preserve your view and enjoy darker tinted windows — only when needed. CoolVu is applied to your …

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Blocks heat and glare and provides proper daylight levels, all while maintaining an occupant’s connection to the outdoors.

Excerpts from an 8/21/19 Facilitiesnet article featuring SageGlass… “People are spending more of their lives indoors with less connection to nature and daylight. Dynamic glass, a glazing solution that can be installed in windows, skylights and curtain walls, helps maintain that connection by offering sweeping views of the outdoors and ample natural light, which research …

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Digital Storefronts Offer New Glazing Opportunities

Excerpts from the July 2019 issue of USGlass, Metal & Glazing magazine — An interview with Steve Abadi. …But what if shopping was fun again? Advances in digital media incorporated into glass storefronts and other retail applications, might do just that. Some of these technologies allow retailers to project their messages directly onto the glass; …

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Heat Blocking, Solar Controlled Glass for Hot Hotel Lobby

Having a warm, vibrant, energizing atmosphere was a goal of this chic hotel, however worrying about having a physically warm lobby has not been a problem since the installation of SolarSmart Glass. SolarSmart Glass is a dynamically changing, automatically tinting solution that continuously adapts to the sun, actively blocking heat generated from sunlight, glare, and …

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SolarSmart Commercial Skylights that Automatically Darken

Dynamic SolarSmart with Suntuitive interlayer is a solar responsive glass that automatically darkens; the sun alone provides enough energy for window to tint. SolarSmart continuously adapts to the environment and darkens & lightens throughout the day & season to maximize solar heat gain & provide user comfort. When exposed to the sun, SolarSmart Glass will …

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101 Top Products: Glass + Glazing

Located 1,000 feet above the ground, the 71Above restaurant in the U.S. Bank Tower offers 360-degree views of Los Angeles, Long Beach harbor, and the surrounding mountains. To optimize views for patrons and control solar heat gain and glare, the project team, led by restaurateur Emil Eyvazoff and design firm Tag Front, specified 3,000 sf …

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Self Tinting Glass

Dynamically Adapting Residential Glass

SolarSmart is a self-tinting, high performance glass that darkens in the presence of direct sunlight to block heat, glare and damaging ultraviolet light. Dynamically adapting SolarSmart Glass reduces the need for blinds and drapes, and will significantly cut the cooling & lighting costs in your home, due to its Suntuitive interlayer. Even in its darkest …

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Privacy Glass Walls for Tattoo & Body Piercing Studio

Painful Pleasures is a 5,000 square foot showroom, studio, and educational center for Tattooing, Piercing, and Laser Tattoo Removal. It consists of five studios fully furnished with their own TV, spacious working area, as well as LC Privacy Glass Walls and frameless glass doors. Painful Pleasures chose to use privacy glass for the walls so …

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User Controlled SmartGlass Skylight

Variable tint, user controlled SmartGlass Skylights provide a perfect solution the common problem of introducing natural light to a room without the downside of an increase in heat gain. Skylights produced with SPD SmartGlass allow the user to darken the glass to any light level at will, thus saving on cooling costs. The reduction of …

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Electronic Glass Butt-Glazed Walls

eGlass is custom produced in the U.S. to your precise sizes and specs to fit into most commercial framing and state-of-the-art partition systems. Our heat-laminated electronic glass panels are available in 5/16″, 7/16″, and 9/16″ thick and are constructed with tempered glass, tinted glass, or as insulated glass units. Switchable LC Privacy Glass may be …

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