FREE Smart Technology Integration Package

"Alexa, we need some P R I V A C Y !"

From across the room to across the world — You control your LC Privacy Glass with your VOICE, PHONE, REMOTE OR INTERNET. We invite you to take advantage of this special offer! For a limited time, along with your LC Privacy Glass order, you will receive a Free Smart Technology Integration Package compliments of Innovative Glass. …

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Can Multiple Challenges Have One Simple Solution?

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication"

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” Often attributed to artist and inventor Leonardo Da Vinci, five centuries later this quote still holds true. Where once solid walls and doors, blackout curtains, blinds and shades were the only way to create spaces that would provide privacy, security and light control, today we have INNOVATIVE alternatives. In 2022, our …

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The Good 👍 The Bad 👎 The Solution ✅

👍 THE GOOD… Better Aesthetics; Less Confining; Open Views; Spaces that Feel Larger and Brighter; Inclusivity; Design Flexibility. 👎 THE BAD…Visual and Audible Distractions; Lower Productivity; Lack of Personal Space and Privacy; Increased Spread of Disease; Job Dissatisfaction. It’s become widely known that it just doesn’t work. ✅ THE SOLUTION… Demountable Partitions made with switchable LC Privacy Glass — Exclusively at …

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