A "Smart" Breakthrough Product For the Healthcare Industry

Smart, Switchable LC Privacy Glass can be highly effective in reducing the spread of contagions throughout healthcare facilities, as well as providing much needed Doctor/Patient privacy…and more! Check out this video…

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LC Privacy Glass – Making Ordinary Walls – EXTRAORDINARY

Here's why so many Architects spec Demountable Partitions made with switchable LC Privacy Glass...

  • Switches from transparent to private — on demand • Spaces feel larger, brighter, and more open • Lets in diffused light even in the private state • Ability to move, reuse, and reconfigure • Easy maintenance • Custom styles, design options, shapes, and sizes • Can be installed in swinging, sliding, or break-away …

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LC Privacy Glass for Commercial Applications

Hot Off the Press - Our Newest LC Privacy Glass Brochure

LC Privacy Glass: “Smart Glass Solutions for Commercial Applications” This new brochure is specifically designed for corporations and businesses spanning nearly all industries. LC Privacy Glass is extremely versatile, is used in windows, walls, stationery and sliding doors, skylights, and curtain walls — and is the perfect privacy solution for Conference Rooms, Board Rooms, Executive …

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LC Privacy Glass for the Future of Business


As employees head back to the office, with live, in-person meetings and conferences, companies are preparing for the future. State-of-the-art switchable LC Privacy Glass… it’s how businesses today are building for a better tomorrow. Request more info: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . …

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Transform Your Bathroom Ensuite Into a Private Sanctuary


  Who wouldn’t want a spa-like bathroom in their own home? With SWITCHABLE LC PRIVACY GLASS, your bedroom, bathroom or ensuite can be your private get-away every day – via wall switch, mobile device, or voice command. LC Privacy Glass — A “Smart” Privacy, Light Control, or Space-saving Solution. It’s built-to-order, integrates seamlessly into most …

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Dream Home? Dream BIG!

Designing? Renovating? Building? Let us inspire your Dream Home!

From Windows, Room Dividers, & Skylights — To Doors that Swing, Slide, or Fold… If you can dream it, we can build it with our on-demand privacy control technologies and patented power transfer systems. To download our Residential Brochure, CLICK HERE. To learn more, click “CONTINUE READING“

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