Wood Framed Switchable Glass Doors

Switchable LC Privacy Glass is the ideal choice for sophisticated state-of-the-art Executive Boardrooms where openness and privacy can coexist. A touch of a button provides instant, discreet vision control on demand. In this application, eGlass brand LC Privacy Glass is mounted in rich Cherry Wood framing for wall panels and doors. All wires were concealed, …

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Self Tinting Residential Skylights

Skylights That Tint Automatically The sun provides the energy for SolarSmart windows and skylights to tint automatically, adapting throughout the day, darkening to minimize glare and solar heat gain, while increasing occupant comfort. When exposed to the sun, SolarSmart Glass will automatically tint. Vertical windows receive various amounts of this power depending on changes of …

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Smart Walls

Privacy & Natural Light with dynamic eGlass Conference Rooms

On this overseas installation, our switchable LC Privacy Glass was installed into an impressive Faram partition system that divided several Conference Rooms, Meeting areas and Executive Boardrooms. All switchable privacy eGlass panels were over 10 feet in height, had polished vertical edging for butt-glazing, and used the partition manufacturers own extruded channels as filler between …

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Instantly Block Out Distractions & Keep Meetings Private

With the growing trend of open floorplans, glass-enclosed conference rooms have become second nature. The only downside to a glass room is the lack of privacy, also known as “fishbowl feeling” which most people don’t realize until they’re inside. We at Innovative Glass have a smart solution to this problem. Our eGlass brand switchable LC …

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Architectural Products

1. LC Privacy Glass Doors from Innovative Glass feature an embedded, electrified film that switches from clear to frosted while at the touch of a button–allowing for instant privacy on demand and allowing light to pass through. 2. Studio by 3form comes in 28 finishes and has a planking option, which allows designers to take …

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Smart Wall – Privacy Glass for Reception & Lobby Area

LC Privacy Glass is the ideal choice for sophisticated, state-of-the-art offices, where openness & privacy can co-exist. A flip of a switch provides discreet vision control on demand. When in the powered state, electronic Privacy Glass panels are clear, allowing full view & daylight to pass into the reception area. When unpowered, eGlass is fogged …

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eGlass Doors for Hospitals

Maintenance Free Privacy Glazing Solution for Patient Rooms

Hospitals are starting to move to cleaner, more sophisticated high-tech solutions to help reduce the spread of in-house infection, and provide comfortable environments where patient privacy & dignity can be maintained at all times. Recent studies found that hospital curtains which hang between patient room can become contaminated with drug-resistant bacteria & may be playing …

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Switchable Privacy for Private Equity Firm

For this Private Equity Firm, eGlass was a prominent element in the design of their offices. Switchable LC Privacy Glass was used throughout the Companies entire office including 35 Private Offices and 12 Conference Rooms spanning 10 floors using Haworth Demountable Partition Systems. Because of the versatility of electronic Privacy Glass, the company was able …

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Product Solutions

METAL CEILINGS ENHANCE APPEARANCE WITH WOOD VENEERS Made from aluminum for lighter, easier handling, MetalWorks torsion spring ceilings are now available with Purewood real wood veneers. The metal ceilings offer a clean appearance in a concealed grid system that provides downward accessibility to the plenum. They are available in fi ve standard sizes and three …

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