eGlass Doors for Hospitals

Maintenance Free Privacy Glazing Solution for Patient Rooms

Hospitals are starting to move to cleaner, more sophisticated high-tech solutions to help reduce the spread of in-house infection, and provide comfortable environments where patient privacy & dignity can be maintained at all times. Recent studies found that hospital curtains which hang between patient room can become contaminated with drug-resistant bacteria & may be playing …

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Sloan Kettering Switchable Privacy Glass

LC Privacy Glass has many diverse applications in the health care sector. This dynamic technology has solved numerous privacy and maintenance concerns, & has been successfully implemented in many areas through-out a typical facility. According to Neil Halpern, MD, Chief of Critical Care Medicine at Memorial Sloan-Kettering, “curtains may get dirty and need to be …

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Dynamic eGlass Doors & Sidelites for Patient Privacy

Incorporating dynamic eGlass into hospital doors & sidelites, not only introduces natural light into the common area – creating a more pleasant environment, it provides a significant amount of patient privacy along with the flexibility for nurses and staff to monitor patients without even entering their room. Our eGlass brand LC Privacy Glass is user …

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Glass Walls for Hospitals

Privacy Glass Pods for Doctors - Miami Childrens Hospital

Miami Childrens Hospitals new Telehealth Center is a high-tech facility designed to advance pediatric care for children around the world through teleconferencing. The 2,000-square-foot center features seven LC Privacy Glass enclosed pods, equipped with high-definition monitors and cameras, and sophisticated audio systems which enables physicians to participate in video conferences with physicians around the globe. …

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