Top 7 Reasons HEALTHCARE ARCHITECTS spec switchable LC Privacy Glass

Making the New Year Happier & Healthier for Healthcare

privacy glass

1 / On demand privacy via wall switch, mobile device, or hands-free voice command 2 / Eliminates the need for unsanitary curtains 3 / Helps prevent the spread of viruses and Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs) 4 / Custom built to exact specs 5 / Our patented sliding, telescopic, and break-away door systems allow easy passage …

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Can Multiple Challenges Have One Simple Solution?

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication"

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” Often attributed to artist and inventor Leonardo Da Vinci, five centuries later this quote still holds true. Where once solid walls and doors, blackout curtains, blinds and shades were the only way to create spaces that would provide privacy, security and light control, today we have INNOVATIVE alternatives. In 2022, our …

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LC Privacy Glass for Commercial Applications

Hot Off the Press - Our Newest LC Privacy Glass Brochure

LC Privacy Glass: “Smart Glass Solutions for Commercial Applications” This new brochure is specifically designed for corporations and businesses spanning nearly all industries. LC Privacy Glass is extremely versatile, is used in windows, walls, stationery and sliding doors, skylights, and curtain walls — and is the perfect privacy solution for Conference Rooms, Board Rooms, Executive …

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Why Do Healthcare Architects Spec LC Privacy Glass?


nurse station privacy glass
privacy glass nurses station

Among its many benefits for the Healthcare industry, LC Privacy Glass most importantly HELPS PREVENT THE SPREAD OF VIRUSES AND DEADLY INFECTIONS + provides ON DEMAND PRIVACY…UNIQUE FUNCTIONALITY…and CUSTOMIZATION for any healthcare construction project. Contact us to learn more… Call 888.863.4527 or email [email protected]. If you have an upcoming project, you may want to share …

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Discover What CoolVu Will Do For You

Sunlight-adaptive, self-tinting window film

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windows that tint nassau county
nassau county windows that tint

COOLVU — “SMART”, SUNLIGHT-ADAPTIVE, SELF-TINTING WINDOW FILM CoolVu Window Film automatically darkens when exposed to sunlight, blocks harmful UV rays, helps eliminate sun glare and heat gain, and will not block your view. It is applied to your EXISTING windows, there are no wires or mechanical parts, and is the perfect, cost-effective solution for both …

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Hospital Infection Control

LC Privacy Glass delivers game-changing patient engagement advantages, including exceptional visual and audible privacy as well as extreme infection protection.

Demountable Partition Systems With LC Privacy Glass —You’re In Control! Walls, doors and windows switch from a TRANSPARENT to a FROSTED state, at the flip of a switch, or by mobile device or voice command. LC Privacy Glass can be mounted into most Demountable Partition Systems for possible tax credit advantages. Plus, sliding, telescopic, synchronized …

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CoolVu Transitional Window Film

CoolVu Transitional Window Film CoolVu Self-Tinting Window Film automatically darkens when exposed to sunlight and returns to a lighter state when not. CoolVu blocks UV rays, and helps eliminate sun glare and heat gain. Stop the heat, preserve your view and enjoy darker tinted windows — only when needed. CoolVu is applied to your EXISTING …

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