LC Privacy Glass for Commercial Applications

Hot Off the Press - Our Newest LC Privacy Glass Brochure

LC Privacy Glass: “Smart Glass Solutions for Commercial Applications” This new brochure is specifically designed for corporations and businesses spanning nearly all industries. LC Privacy Glass is extremely versatile, is used in windows, walls, stationery and sliding doors, skylights, and curtain walls — and is the perfect privacy solution for Conference Rooms, Board Rooms, Executive …

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Discover What CoolVu Will Do For You

Sunlight-adaptive, self-tinting window film

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windows that tint nassau county
nassau county windows that tint

COOLVU — “SMART”, SUNLIGHT-ADAPTIVE, SELF-TINTING WINDOW FILM CoolVu Window Film automatically darkens when exposed to sunlight, blocks harmful UV rays, helps eliminate sun glare and heat gain, and will not block your view. It is applied to your EXISTING windows, there are no wires or mechanical parts, and is the perfect, cost-effective solution for both …

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CoolVu Transitional Window Film

CoolVu Transitional Window Film CoolVu Self-Tinting Window Film automatically darkens when exposed to sunlight and returns to a lighter state when not. CoolVu blocks UV rays, and helps eliminate sun glare and heat gain. Stop the heat, preserve your view and enjoy darker tinted windows — only when needed. CoolVu is applied to your EXISTING …

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Blocks heat and glare and provides proper daylight levels, all while maintaining an occupant’s connection to the outdoors.

Excerpts from an 8/21/19 Facilitiesnet article featuring SageGlass… “People are spending more of their lives indoors with less connection to nature and daylight. Dynamic glass, a glazing solution that can be installed in windows, skylights and curtain walls, helps maintain that connection by offering sweeping views of the outdoors and ample natural light, which research …

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Heat Blocking Solution for Hotel Lobbies

SolarSmart Glass continuously adapts to sunlight Having a vibrant, energized atmosphere was the goal of the designer of this chic hotel lobby. And there was no need for concern about it being hot and expensive to cool because SolarSmart Glass was installed in the large windows. SolarSmart Glass is a dynamically-changing, automatically-tinting solution that continuously …

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Innovative Glass at Glass Expo NE

At the Long Island Marriott, Uniondale We are pleased to invite you as our guest to Glass Expo Northeast ’19 at the Long Island Marriott, Uniondale – this Wednesday and Thursday, March 27 & 28, 2019.   Stop by Booth 316 – where we will be exhibiting eGlass® our State-Of-the-Art Smart Glass Solutions. Come learn about the benefits of switchable glass …

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eGlass for Hotel Guest Rooms

eGlass products enhance the look of any room Add a distinctive look to any hotel room with our state-of-the-art dynamic eGlass products. Whether our electronically switchable LC Privacy Glass or our dynamically adapting, self-tinting SolarSmart Glass, our products are sure to give your hotel rooms an edge that will keep guests coming back. eGlass products …

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Sliding Room Divider

A great amount of valuable space was saved Sliding room divider walls outfitted with LC Privacy Glass (one of our eGlass products) allow guests to have privacy through windows, walls, and in the bathroom when desired. Glass panels inserted in wood framed sliding doors allow spaces to have an open airy feel with the flexibility …

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SolarSmart Glass Balcony Doors

SolarSmart Glass offered the perfect solution In this hotel, the balcony doors are the main source of light for the room. The sun usually comes shining through much earlier in the day than most people would like it to. SolarSmart Glass offered the perfect solution. SolarSmart Glass allows you to have large expanses of windows …

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