Commercial Smart Glass Solutions

Abundant daylight is crucial to any commercial business or retail space. But competing with the harsh glare and heat of the sun can be challenging, making employees and customers uncomfortable, and casting your brand in an unfavorable light. Yet, shades, curtains and blinds detract from décor, and require constant and inconvenient cleaning.

Smart glass solutions from Innovative Glass, however, can help in many ways.

  • Install exterior windows and walls that tint automatically in response to sunlight
  • Minimize heat gain to lower cooling costs
  • Turn transparent glass opaque, on demand, to display visual design elements, or for complete privacy

Architects, business and property owners looking to maximize square footage and upgrade offices spaces get a higher level of functionality & comfort with smart glass.

How To Buy Commercial eGlass

If you’re working with an Architect and/or a General Contractor, it is always best to contact an Innovative Glass sales team member early in the process. This can help avoid oversights and costly errors down the road. This can also ensure that the products you are selecting fit with your design intent, and are feasible with the rest of the construction.

On commercial projects the General Contractors would typically purchase the glass through a Glazing Sub or Partition Provider who would supply and install the product.

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Achieve both visual and audible privacy with switchable LC Privacy Glass. It can be deployed throughout open floor plans, instantly creating privacy on demand. LC Privacy Glass allows for shared views and promotes use of natural light. It's a high-tech privacy solution that help block noise while eliminating distractions in glass-enclosed conference rooms and private offices. Switchable LC Privacy Glass can be instantly turned into a multipurpose “smart screen” to be projected on, or used as a whiteboard. When in the powered state, the panels are translucent, allowing full view and daylight to pass through. When unpowered, the view is completely obscured, providing full privacy on-demand.



Maintain a perfectly balanced daylight-filled environment that can help promote productivity. Eliminate glare, washed out screens and obscured window views while connecting employees to the outdoors. eGlass offers several products that let just the right amount of light to pass through. Some operate autonomously, and some can be controlled and overridden by a wall switch, remote control, smartphone, or a fully-integrated building management system. Our eGlass can also be used to darken offices for A/V presentations.



Keep employees and staff comfortable with glass that continuously adapts and tints throughout the day — automatically. Our eGlass solutions will effectively manage solar heat gain to save buildings energy and cooling costs.