Smart eGlass for Educational Facilities

Education today is being redefined by the advent of the smart classroom. Smart eGlass technology is being leveraged in sophisticated ways to increase student engagement, boost focus and attention, increase comfort and security, and bring the learning experience to a higher level with eGlass technology. Innovative Glass has implemented a variety of eGlass® solutions at such elite schools as Harvard, Northwestern, MIT and others, providing many strategic benefits.

  • Transform transparent walls or windows into whiteboards or presentation screens on demand
  • Reclaim and repurpose common areas into instant classrooms or ad-hoc meeting or presentation spaces
  • Enable exterior windows to automatically tint throughout the day, keeping glare and heat at a more comfortable level
  • Deploy heat-generating glass campus-wide to help mitigate energy spend
  • Increase student and faculty comfort during extreme seasonal shifts
  • Add a heightened level of security and protection to buildings and classrooms

With smart glass solutions for controlling privacy, light, glare and heat, Innovative Glass helps today’s teaching centers maximize learning while improving their bottom lines.

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If you’re working with an Architect and/or a General Contractor, it is always best to contact an Innovative sales team member early in the process. This can help avoid oversights and costly errors down the road. This can also help to ensure that the products you are selecting fit with your design intent and are feasible with the rest of the construction.

Once the right eGlass product has been determined, it’s time to decide how to have it supplied and installed. With Educational Facility projects this can vary depending on whether we’re providing just the glass — or a complete framing system from one of our many preferred vendors.

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