Glass House

eGlass Solution for Irregularly Shaped & Hard to Shade Windows

Irregularly shaped windows, such as arched, trapezoid, round, bay, curved, & hard to reach areas are now easier than ever to incorporate into any custom designed home thanks to eGlass.

Through the use of our proprietary Electronic Glass and Dynamic Glazing technologies, our eGlass product line opens up infinite design possibilities that would have previously been overlooked due to the lack of privacy or shading that would result. eGlass is the perfect dynamic glazing solution for irregularly shaped and hard to shade windows when blinds wont fit or are simply not an option.

Our state-of-the-art eGlass product line, consisting of electronically controlled LC Privacy Glass & SPD SmartGlass or our self controlled SolarSmart Glass, open up a whole new realm of design. All eGlass panels are custom produced to your exact specifications and can either be sold as laminated glass units or as complete framed windows, doors or skylights.

eGlass is the modern day alternative to blinds.