Glass Walls for Hospitals

Privacy Glass Pods for Doctors - Miami Childrens Hospital

Miami Childrens Hospitals new Telehealth Center is a high-tech facility designed to advance pediatric care for children around the world through teleconferencing. The 2,000-square-foot center features seven LC Privacy Glass enclosed pods, equipped with high-definition monitors and cameras, and sophisticated audio systems which enables physicians to participate in video conferences with physicians around the globe.

These dynamic glass pods were created so that Doctors can remotely connect with and treat patients. A doctor sitting in a LC Privacy Glass pod can care for up to 50 patients a day anywhere in the world. He could see the patient, speak to the patient, view test results and give a diagnosis all from a far. Swithable Privacy Glass was a vital part of this renovation in order to retain patient privacy and confidentiality while the teleconference is in session. When the session is over, the dynamic glass resorts back to its clear state.

Miami Childrens Hospital Telehealth Center – Miami, Florida

Glazing Contractor – CAS Partitions by Dirtt