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Not all smart glass or its manufacturers are created equal. The more you know about proprietary differences in design, development, performance and quality, the more your proposal stands out from the rest, and the better your glazing company is able to compete.

What distinguishes our switchable LC Privacy Glass from lesser known and lesser performing alternatives? It’s decades of extensive research and development, countless hours of infield product testing and improvement, and real-life applications in environments of all types and conditions, across the U.S. and around the world. It all culminates in dynamic glazing solutions of exceptional form, function and dependability. What we call The Revolution of eGlass®.  All our glass is safety-laminated and is available in a variety of configurations and thicknesses. Our eGlass panels are compatible with most standard rail and hardware setups for easy installation.

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Whether you’re a commercial or residential Glazier, our sales team will help you navigate the selection and installation of all our eGlass products. We speak your language and understand the nuances that are involved in the installation of glass. We pride ourselves on building close relationships with our glazing contractor customers. We know that your first project might be the first of many. That’s why when you deal with our sales team, you will know that we really care.

Our eGlass products are almost always sold through the installing glass contractor like you. Whether you have been sent to us for pricing by a GC, or you’re coming to us on your own, we do all that we can to preserve the opportunity for you to supply and install our eGlass products.


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