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If you are working with an architect and/or a general contractor it is always best to get them involved with an Innovative sales team member early in the process. This can help to avoid oversights and costly errors down the road. This will also help to make sure the products you are selecting fit with your design intent and are feasible with the rest of the construction.

Once the right eGlass product has been determined it’s time to decide how to have it supplied and installed. On residential projects this can vary depending on whether we’re providing just the glass or a complete window or door unit. Glass only will usually be supplied and installed through a glazing contractor whereas a complete window unit might be provided to the general contractor, window & door dealer or direct to the homeowner. Each project is handled differently.

For more specifics regarding the purchase of our products on your project, please contact one of our sales team members by calling 516-777-1100 or by submitting your plans and inquiry


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