As with highly competitive industrial settings, but even more so at government agencies and military locations, the breach of classified information and resources can have national security implications. As such, secrecy, privacy and confidentiality operate at even higher premiums.

Wherever classified, top secret information must be shared, but also diligently protected, we at Innovative Glass are honored to say that our products and solutions are proudly serving our country.

  • Control unauthorized visibility on demand in highly sensitive areas
  • Reduce transmission of sound emission through laminated smart glass
  • Secure national, defense and counterterrorism locations and installations
  • Control light and heat for greater employee comfort
  • Adhere to stringent energy-performance mandates

Whether it is protecting sites, resources and workspaces at the NSA, The National Guard, Fort Bragg, Fort Knox, our eGlass® brand solutions are increasingly and dependably called into duty — and we never take this privilege for granted.