Heat Blocking SolarSmart Windows

All the windows of this house were fabricated with heat blocking SolarSmart, a sunlight responsive self-tinting glass that help to keep rooms comfortable and allowing occupants to enjoy views without glare or heat from the suns rays. The windows will continuously adapt any time of the day, year round, in any place in the house, based on the amount of direct sunlight.

SolarSmart effectively addresses solar heat gain and does so in a simpler manner than alternate technologies. SolarSmart has Suntuitive film that tints in the presence of direct sunlight to block heat, glare and ultraviolet light. The variable light transmission tinting requires only that it be heated by direct sunlight.

With heat blocking SolarSmart, there are no wires, electrodes, power supplies or control apparatus required; the system is completely sunlight activated. This solar controlled glass eliminates the need for blinds and curtains.

Private Residence – Bozeman, Montana