Home Security Lowers High Profiles to Keep Occupants Safe

If you are rich, famous, scandalous or, as often happens in Los Angeles, all three, privacy is hard to come by. With awards season underway, the paparazzi will be out in force as celebrities ferry between red carpets and their homes. However, keeping a residence free of prying camera lenses, nosy tour buses, deranged fans or, in Kim Kardashians case, brazen jewelry thieves requires a new level of home design and security savvy. Here is a look at some high- and low-tech privacy solutions that even the non-scandalous may appreciate.

Electronic glass. When a celebrity had privacy concerns about the bathroom skylights in his clifftop Malibu home, he sought a high-tech solution, said Aron Abadi, vice president of Innovative Glass Corp. The company makes eGlass, an electronic glass that changes tint or opacity with the flip of a switch. The clients skylights were outfitted with his companys LC Privacy glass, which remains frosted white until electricity causes internal particles to rearrange and turn the glass transparent. Abadi also installed eGlass in his own homes front door.

If someone rings the doorbell, the glass goes clear for five seconds, then it frosts back up, he said. Its like a life-size peephole. Los Angeles Times