Looking for ways to accentuate your home and enhance your lifestyle with next-generation windows, doors and skylights? We supply standard and customized sizes and shapes using dynamic eGlass technologies that deliver the “wow” you seek.

Select your window, door or skylight, and choose the eGlass technology that suits the area of your home. We’ll custom manufacture a state-of-the-art solution that gives you comfort, convenience, performance and value.

We can provide your windows with switchable LC Privacy Glass that becomes frosted white on demand for instant privacy, whenever the mood or moment requires.

Or, we can provide you with a SolarSmart skylight that automatically tints when the sun is beating down on the roof. Or maybe even a large array of windows that need solar energy control with our other dynamic glass technologies.

All you need is a flip of a switch, the press of a remote, or the sound of your voice to your Amazon Echo Alexa or Google Home, and eGlass will obediently respond.

Our smart glass gives you smarter, more stylish ways to balance light and heat, in addition to privacy, without having to block exterior views with shades, blinds or curtains.

Let us help you build your dream home.



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