How To Buy

Whether you are a commercial or residential builder, we’re here to help. Our sales team will help you determine the right eGlass product for your project and the best way to approach the purchase and installation of our eGlass and eGlass finished products.

After our eGlass products have been specified, the process will normally go through conventional construction bidding. Many times, this process will be different between commercial and residential projects.

On commercial projects the general contractors would typically purchase the glass through a glazing sub or partition provider who would supply and install the product. On residential projects this can vary depending on whether we’re providing just the glass or a complete window unit. Glass only will usually be supplied and installed through a glazing subcontractor whereas a complete window unit might be provided to the general contractor or through a window & door dealer.

For more specifics regarding the purchase of our products on your project, please contact one of our sales team members by calling 516-777-1100 or by submitting your plans and inquiry


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