Why have the world’s Fortune 500 companies calling on Innovative Glass for eGlass® brand technology? Simple. The environments we create help them protect trade secrets without hampering the open collaboration necessary to produce and excel in their fields.

  • Provide ongoing protection of Intellectual Property (IP) and R&D.
  • Control the reveal, release and rollout of new products and brands.
  • Protect exposure to prototypes and technologies during New Product Introductions (NPIs).
  • Reduce exposure, while making facility tours more dramatic.

Rooms created of Electronically Switchable LC Privacy Glass, which instantly transform from transparent to opaque, are tailor-made for such discreet applications. This explains why companies such as IBM, Apple, GE, Pratt & Whitney, Caterpillar, Boeing and others are increasingly turning to Innovative Glass and joining the revolution of eGlass technology.