Electronic Glass for Industrial Applications


Why do so many of the world’s Fortune 500 companies choose Innovative Glass for eGlass® brand technology? Simple. The environments we create help them protect trade secrets without hampering the open collaboration necessary to produce and excel in their fields.

  • Provide ongoing protection of Intellectual Property (IP) and R&D
  • Control the reveal, release and rollout of new products and brands
  • Protect exposure to prototypes and technologies during New Product Introductions (NPIs)
  • Reduce exposure, while making facility tours more dramatic

Rooms created with switchable LC Privacy Glass, go from transparent to opaque on demand, and are tailor-made for industrial applications. This explains why companies such as IBM, Apple, GE, Pratt & Whitney, Caterpillar, Boeing and others are increasingly turning to Innovative Glass and joining the revolution of eGlass technology.

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If you’re working with an Architect and/or a General Contractor, it is always best to have them contact an Innovative Glass sales team member early in the process. This can help to avoid oversights and costly errors down the road, and help ensure that the products you are selecting fit with your design intent, and are feasible with the rest of the construction.

Once the right eGlass product has been determined, it’s time to decide how to have it supplied and installed. With Industrial projects this can vary depending on whether we’re providing just the glass — or a complete framing system from one of our many preferred vendors.

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