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Smart eGlass for Multimedia Displays

Imagine a perfectly open and transparent wall or room that can be instantly cut-off from surrounding light and view, transforming the space into a multimedia environment.

Our LC Privacy Glass, an eGlass product, in its frosted state, can be used as a high-definition video rear projection screen for large-scale displays and impressive presentations. It is easily interfaced with Lutron, Crestron and other control systems for complete operational integration with lights, projectors, and audio-video systems.

LC Privacy Glass is also an ideal surface to be used as a whiteboard. It’s versatile, beautiful, and provides endless design possibilities.

  • Change glass rooms into private brainstorming and collaboration spaces on demand
  • Once-transparent glass becomes an erasable whiteboard surface
  • Project videos and presentations onto glass walls that suddenly become opaque
  • Transform retail display windows to project customer-engaging, multimedia promotions that continues selling even after hours
  • Turn any glass room into a smart room for education, entertainment, or even theatrical purposes

All this can be achieved with the touch of a button, a mobile device, or Alexa or Google voice command. Think about the productivity, creativity, and usage flexibility such functionality would instantly deliver. That’s the power of LC Privacy Glass.

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An electrically switchable glazing technology that flips from transparent to frosted white on demand. Used for walls, room dividers, video screens and whiteboards. Safety laminated glass and lightweight polycarbonate options.


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