LC Privacy Glass

TAKE CONTROL and ensure complete privacy with glass that frosts on demand. Switchable LC Privacy Glass features an electrically activated technology that can be controlled by switch or a voice command. When powered, panels are transparent. When unpowered, the view is obscured.

CoolVu Transitional Window Film

COOLVU WINDOW FILM “transitions” from a lighter to a darker tint when exposed to sunlight. On bright sunny days, CoolVu reacts to the sun’s intensity and darkens to reduce sun glare and heat gain. On cloudy, rainy days and at night, CoolVu remains unchanged, preserving your views and maximizing available daylight.


BALANCE heat and glare coming into your space with glass that continuously works for you. Self-tinting SolarSmart darkens gradually & dynamically when heated from direct sunlight and automatically adjusts it’s tint level in response to intensity throughout the day. Shield interiors from damaging UV rays while preserving your view.


ENHANCE occupant comfort and energy efficiency without compromising esthetics. SageGlass tints on demand, eliminating the need for blinds and shades, so you can experience the unobstructed beauty of the outdoors and enjoy windows the way they’re meant to be enjoyed.

SPD SmartGlass

ACHIEVE perfect light and heat control with infinitely variable settings — beyond just “on” or “off”.  Selectively tune the amount of light and sunglare streaming through any window to the ideal tint for any time of day. With SPD SmartGlass from Innovative Glass, the power is in your hands.