Reduce sun glare and heat entering through your windows with glass that continuously works for you. Self-tinting SolarSmart darkens gradually and dynamically when exposed to sunlight, and automatically adjusts its tint level in response to the sun’s intensity throughout the day. It protects interiors from damaging UV rays while preserving your view.

SolarSmart windows create a more comfortable interior environment, reducing the need for shades, blinds and drapes, and lowering cooling costs. In fact, studies have shown that buildings with self-tinting glass are more energy efficient, and provide a significant annual energy savings.

  • Features a proprietary photochromic coating that automatically reacts to the sun
  • Wide dynamic tinting range
  • Darkens in response to sunlight, similar to transition lenses in sunglasses—lightens as the sun moves away
  • Provides continuous adaptive tinting throughout the day, 365 days a year 
  • Increases occupant comfort
  • Lowers cooling costs
  • Available as an Insulated Glass Unit (IGU) or as a fully-framed window, skylight or door
  • Tempered and Insulated for safety and energy efficiency
  • Can fit into all exterior glazing systems
  • Fully autonomous – there are no wires or user controls

Unlike most other dynamic glass, SolarSmart is 100% sunlight responsive. It requires no power, wires or sophisticated controls which dramatically simplifies installation and maximizes potential energy savings.

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