Protective Smart Glass Museum Display Cases

SPD SmartGlass museum display cases are used to minimize damage from harsh light to delicate artifacts. By pressing a button, visitors can make the glass of the museum case instantly clear, permitting view of their 15th century artifacts inside. After sixty seconds, SPD SmartGlass automatically darkens, minimizing the artifacts exposure to light & thus protecting it.

Light can cause cumulative and irreversible damage to artwork such as paintings, paper manuscripts & textiles. By offering a technology that is able to block UV and visible light and that instantly switches between its tinted and clear states, SPD Smart museum exhibit display cases enable conservators and curators to display precious works of art while minimizing the detrimental effects of UV and visible light. Cases can be equipped with a motion detector to automatically make the SPD SmartGlass clear when someone approaches the artifact.

Brooklyn Museum – Brooklyn, New York

Display Case – SmallCorp