Room Darkening SmartGlass for Smart Boardroom

Variable tinting SPD SmartGlass is the perfect solution to control light in conference rooms, effectively darkening the room to near black-out conditions for private meetings & multimedia presentations. SPD SmartGlass gives the occupants the ability to tint the glass on demand, as required. The switching speed is instantaneous, with an even & consistent change through-out the entire surface, regardless of panel size. It is a dramatic and impressive technology that virtually eliminates the need for mechanical shades and blinds.

The darkening ability of the SPD SmartGlass gives the power to transform the Boardroom for video presentations and conferences. Simply darken the glass, access the A/V Controller; the lights go down low, & launch your projection system. The room is instantly dark enough to have a video conference, graphics-based meeting or mulitmedia presentation with ease. Room darkening SPD SmartGlass is sure to bring your office up to date on their technology.

Legacy Boardroom – Indiana University, Indianapolis, Indiana

Glazing Contractor – Architectural Glass & Metal