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What view of the sky would you like to control today? Whatever your skylight requirements, Innovative Glass has the ability to create a custom smart glass skylight solution for you.

From energy-efficient, self-tinting skylights that darken in response to sunlight with no user-interaction or override — to full glass roofs the size of a football field that can be electronically programmed through building energy management systems or a phone app — we’ve got you covered!

Maybe you’re looking to block out the view from your skylight all together in your Manhattan apartment so you can protect your privacy; believe it or not we’ve done that too!

  • Simple residential skylights for the home
  • Decorative or monumental skylights for stores or mall atria
  • Expansive rooftop arrays for commercial or industrial purposes

Innovative Glass offers versatile skylight solutions for controlling privacy, light or heat in virtually any configuration, opening or setting.

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