Smart Ways to Use Smart Glass at Home

The High-Tech Material Offers New Ways to Handle Privacy

The choice of what glass to use in your home is no longer clear. Different varieties of so-called smart glass can keep out prying eyes, regulate room temperature or conceal televisions. Inspired by the workplace environment, more homeowners are demanding similar technology for their residences, says Anthony Branscum of Innovative Glass Corp., based in Plainview, N.Y. We have seen more and more consumer-driven requests for the product, he says.

Switchable privacy glass consists of two panels that sandwich a polymer-dispersed liquid-crystal film that conducts electricity. The glass is opaque until the voltage is switched on, which causes the films particles to align, turning the glass transparent. The glass is used to divide or conceal rooms (an open-plan kitchen can vanish when guests are over) and can be hooked up to motion sensors (a shower door that turns opaque upon entering). The Wall Street Journal